CSB Subscription (10 weeks)

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CSA allows local producers to provide farm fresh vegetables direct to customers. Our Community Supported Beer (CSB) project is quite similar. Our goal is to offer beer shares direct to our customers, right from our brewery.

Our CSB membership provides members with one 32 ounce growler of Hop Haus beer each week. Members can select either a weekly share or every-other week share (10 weeks). 

COST: $90 for 10 weeks, $171 for 20 weeks.

Subscription FAQ

Pickup - beer will be available for pickup on Thursdays at Hop Haus, and must be picked up by end-of-day Friday.

Beer - Hop Haus will select a different beer to fill each week.

Cost - our Crowlers range in price from $9-$12, the CSB membership will include beers throughout this range. 

If you already pick up vegetable CSA shares at Hop Haus on Thursdays, this is a great add-on item. 

Crowler - what is it? Its a one-time use 32 ounce can that we fill direct from the tap lines at Hop Haus.